Days of Play sale is live: Playstation Slashes prices on PS4 hardware and games

Sony are driving a campaign ahead of E3, with discounts on some of their hardware and bestsellers. As many of you probably have seen already, the Gold PS4 Slim 1TB is $249 (instead of $299) for a short period of time. DS4 controllers can also be found on most retailers this week for $39 (35% off), including the newly released gold DS4 controller.

Additionally to PS4 hardware discounts, Sony are doing a “Days of Play” sale on some of the most popular PS4 games. It does not stop here as Sony also give you a $15 credit for spending $100 on the PSN, and offer a $10 discount on a yearly PS+ subscription. For those like me who are not happy giving your credit card number to Sony, you can buy PSN Codes on Amazon (affiliate link) and redeem them on the PSN.

Amazon and other retailers are also catching up to the promotion, and discounting some the games in physical form if you do not want to go digital with the PSN (you don’t get the $15 credit from the PSN by buying physical games on retailers, obviously, but their is the resell factor to take into account…).

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