How to use Vitamin for PS Vita

Vitamin is a tool that lets PS Vita owners decrypt and copy official PS Vita games, that can then be run DRM-Free on hacked PS Vitas, running firmware 3.60 even working on us 3.61+ henkaku.

All you need is PS vita 3.60 or us 3.61+ henkaku hack

Download Vitamin for PS Vita


1. Connect to your PSVita with FTP and copy vitamin-install.vpk to ux0.
2. Install vitamin-omega.vpk on your PSVita
3. Close FTP and open Vitamin. It will show all installed games as well as Apps like Twitch


4. Press X on the game you want to dump. You can dump the full game as well as the patch files. To be able to play with your decrypted game with patch later you will have to also decrypt the patch file or it will not work.
5. Now choose what you want to dump.


6. Start the process by pressing cross. It will show you some information and prompt you to press x to open party. Do it and then without closing party go back to Vitamin. Then press X to start the Dump. (Depending on the Game size this can take over an hour to do)



7. When it dumped the game files it will switch between vitamin and the app you are dumping to decrypt the eboot.bin and finish the backup. When its done it will look like this.2016-08-29-220749

8. You will find the dumped game in ux0:/Vitamin/YourDumpedGame.vpk and your patch as ux0:Vitamin/


9. Just delete your original game and install the VPK to test if it works correctly. To also test the Patch files just extract the files from the .zip archive and copy it to ux0:/patch/YourGameName/

We dont support piracy, and we are not responsible if you use this program for piracy.


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