PS Vita AntiBlacklist – Remove the blacklist for games and apps

Developer Rinnegatamante is at it again with AntiBlacklist, a Homebrew to extend the whitelist of your PS TV. If you’re frustrated at the PS TV not letting you play all your Vita games, this homebrew is for you. It will update the Whitelist registry to mark most games as compatible, allowing  you to play them on the PS TV.

This was already doable, either manually, or through Vita TV whitelister, but Rinnegatamante mentions that this new homebrew does more than Vita TV whitelister, because it supports both what’s known as the V1 and v2 (app.db update) patches, which allows to whitelist even more games.

In other words, if you’ve been having issues with Vita TV whitelister, you might want to try AntiBlacklist.

It’s worth noting that updates to the app.db files remain even after a reboot. In other words the whitelist will still stay “hacked” even when you don’t have HENkaku running. The homebrew can remove the patch if needed. AntiBlacklist is fully compatible with us HENkaku 3.60+ .

Download AntiBlacklist

You can download Antiblacklist from the developer’s site here

Source Wololo

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