PS Vita HENkaku 3.60 Homebrew Enabler Released

The PS vita 3.60 Exploit announced yesterday by Team molecule is now out.

The official site, the only place where you can get the hack for now, seems to be supporting the pressure very well. Few homebrews are actually available at this point, but people who managed to get in and install homebrews reported it works fine.


The main issue seems to be the confusion that HENkaku requires files in the .vpk format while historically homebrews for Rejuvenate were in the .velf format, meaning few homebrews actually work. I’ve personally tested HENkaku and can confirm the hack itself works, and, of course the first homebrew I tried was DoomVita (which worked, without sound). It’s worth noting my Vita crashed the first time I tried to install HENkaku, but it worked like a charm the second time (on that note it’s pretty exciting to see the HENkaku installer doing its job while the Vita keeps getting you notifications about the Live Area being updated 🙂 )

Of course, again,  there are not that many homebrews/emulators working as of now but we should expect the numbers to dramatically increase from now on 🙂


As expected, people have lots of questions on how to install it and how it works, so try to leverage our community for help on how to install the hack, get homebrews to run, etc…, by asking questions in comments. This is also where I expect people will start sharing homebrews that work, etc…


Error C1-6775-5 when launching molecularShell

You must run the HENkaku installer again. Follow the directions above

The web browser shows grey “Please wait…” screen

This is normal. Just wait for it, eventually it should load the page and trigger the exploit.

The web browser crashes and an error report dialog appears BEFORE “Welcome to HENkaku” pops up

Press “OK” and try again. If the browser crashes more than three times in a row, you can quit the browser (Press the PS button and swipe the LiveArea page from the top right corner or hold the “O” or “X” button depending on your region). Then you can re-attempt installation.

The web browser crashes and an error report dialog appears AFTER “Welcome to HENkaku” pops up

Press “OK” and try again. If this happens more than three times in a row, you should reboot the system and try again.

The device freezes after trying to install

The installation has failed. Make sure you have a memory card inserted with at least 10MB of free space. Hold the power button for 15 seconds to manually power off the device and then press the power button again to restart the device. You can then attempt to install again.

The web browser automatically closed after installation

That is the expected behavior. HENkaku should now be installed. You can launch homebrew applications including molecularShell (see usage directions below).

The screen becomes black after the installation

Press the home/PS button and close the browser manually. Installation should be successful.

Please report success/failure in the comments below, and feel free to share on facebook an twitter

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