PS Vita Jailbreak homebrew for everyone HENkaku

It seems that in the last few months a group called molecule has worked on a way to easily use Homebrew on your PS Vita. They decided to call their project HENkaku (変革), which is the first HEN for the Playstation Vita. HENkaku will of course support the most recent system software 3.60.

What can you do with HENkaku?

HENkaku enables you to install PS Vita Homebrew as bubbles on your PS Vita’s Homescreen by disabling the filesystem sandbox.

It is a native hack that lets you access the Vita’s memory card (via FTP), install .vpk homebrew packages (Vita packages?) and even a bit more.

Just think of it as jailbreaking your iOS device (e.g. iPhone) or rooting your Android device (e.g. Tablet).

HENkaku won’t allow you to run any kind of PS Vita warez, piracy or “backups”, how people like to call them, at least not out of the box.

Encrypted game data cannot be decrypted via HENkaku and it won’t disable any kind of DRM.

HENkaku is designed to let you run Homebrews on your PS Vita, it is not for piracy, and that’s it.


Which firmwares & devices are supported?

HENkaku supports all current Playstation Vita devices (fat, slim, TV), but only supports the PS Vita system software 3.60. It does not and will not support any higher firmware in the future.

Be sure to update to 3.60 if you want to use HENkaku and never update to a higher firmware if you intend to keep using HENkaku on your device.

What else is required? Any games as exploit?

HENkaku does not require any game software as entry-point for the exploit, it only requires your FW 3.60 PS Vita’s Web browser, a memory card with available space (at least 10MB), an internet connection and an FTP client on your Computer (we recommend FileZilla).

Thats it. No games or any fancy stuff required. Just your device, default accessories, an internet connection and a Computer.


How do I install HENkaku?

HENkaku can easily be installed via your PS Vita itself. You dont need any fancy PC programms (like a Jailbreak/Root does), just your PS Vita’s Web browser.

Simply visit via your PS Vita and click on the “Install” button (keep in mind that this does not work until it has been officially released).

If you happen to fully reboot your PS Vita (or if it runs out of juice), you have to re-do the procedure of installing HENkaku via the Web browser.

If HENkaku is running, though, you are free to use it and switch between Homebrew apps as often as you want, as long as you dont (fully) power off your device.

When will HENkaku be released?

HENkaku’s official release is going to be this Friday, the 29th July 2016, at 09:00 (UTC+0).

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