PS Vita Piracy getting closer

Rumors are surfacing from the Chinese side of the PS Vita scene. Someone allegedly released a .vpk file of official game Tokyo Xanadu, decrypted. A download link for the Japanese version of the game appeared on Chinese forums a few hours ago, and apparently the game runs on Hacked Vitas through HENkaku.


The file is big (more than 2GB), and according to the author of the release, VitaShell is not able to install it. However, manually unzipping the vpk file and copying the files at the right location on the memory card allows people to run the game, DRM free.

A similar release happened a few weeks ago, with game Adventure Time. It was later confirmed that that specific release was a leak from a development console, of the DRM-free version of the game. In the case of game Tokyo Xanadu, at this point, it is too early to say if this release is also a developer leak, or if someone found a way to decrypt PS Vita game binaries. However the author claims he/she is able to dump any cartridge requiring firmware 3.60 or below.


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