PS4 Bypass Software Updates

New application that will allow you to bypass PS4 System Software Updates(Firmware).

Currently this has only been tested on a US console on a 3.50 firmware. To make this work for EU users all you have to do is edit the ps4-updatelist.xml included inside the .rar file from “us” to “eu”. Also don’t mind thePSP/PS3 Mode as those haven’t been tested yet.


  • Press start on the utility.
  • Add IP and Port to the PS4.
  • Sign-In to PSN

Changes in v2.0.0.0 update:

  • Added “Copy” to Log List by right clicking the list.
  • You can now export the log by right clicking.
  • Few bug bixes. (Adding PS3 support next update)

It looks like in the future the app may work for PS3 and PSP, though not quite sure why anyone would need or want the PSP blocker, also if PS3 Firmware Blockers are anything to go by, then this app will probably stop functioning properly after Sony perform maintenance on the server.


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