PS4 DevKit / TestKit Root Kernel Dump on PC Demo Boot

PlayStation 4 hacker esjonne12 Sda shared a video of that PS4 DevKit / TestKit developer kernel dump running on a PC. :cool:

To boot it download Test-Kit-FW-00.820-Root.rar somewhere on google, extract all folders inside adm folder to isolinux bootable usb stick overwrite isolinux.cfg, i used YUMI-, if you use YUMI you need to copy those files to /multiboot folder on usb, commands to run the kernel

  1. configfile /multiboot/grub2_200
  2. kfreebsd /multiboot/orbisys
  3. kfreebsd_loadenv /multiboot/orbisys-root.cnf
  4. kfreebsd_loadenv /multiboot/orbis.cnf
  5. kfreebsd_loadenv /multiboot/orbis-itf.cnf
  6. boot and now its booting.PS: it wont support ps2 keyboard

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