PS4 Hack: HENkaku successfully ported on PS4 3.55

This is the Webkit exploit used in the recent HENkaku for PS Vita, ported to the latest PS4 firmware, firmware 3.55. This gives us user mode code execution on the PS4. This is cool, but keep in mind that this is just access in one process and such exploits are typically considered “useless” without an accompanying kernel exploit. Without a kernel exploit, this will lead at best to minor user mode homebrews (which, don’t get me wrong, can be cool, but it not what people are looking for).

Its is almost same as us PS4 jailbreak 


What’s next for PS4 3.55 users?

Again, for this to be truly useful for a broad audience, a Kernel exploit will need to be released for the PS4. I haven’t heard any rumors, let alone confirmed sources, of people willing to release such a thing in the near future. It is actually likely many hacking groups were already in possession of usermode exploits and waiting for a kernel exploit.

Nevertheless, staying on firmware 3.55 will probably be recommended for now for people who expect further hacks for their PS4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony take the time to patch this exploit in their upcoming firmware 4.0, for which the Beta is supposed to start this month.

Download and try the 3.55 PS4 Webkit exploit

You can download the PS4 3.55 exploit from the developer’s github here. You will need basic knowledge of setting up a local server in order to run the exploit.

If you dont want to wait to release you can install PS4Portal 3.55 PS4 Jailbreak

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