PS4 – How to play online in main account without PS+ Free

Hey! This time I’m going to show you how to play games online in your main account without plus, FREE. To be clear there’s nothing magical or fishy here, we’re just renewing the PS Plus free trial as soon as it expires, with a new email address.

So, lets start.

1- First, we log out of the PS4. This can be done by going to the power option.

2- Press the PS Button in your control. You gonna see your user, and left your user the option of “New User”. Select it.

Now, you have two options.
Create a User
Play as a Guest

Select “Create a User” and click the “Accept” button.

3- You’ll see a Playstation Network screen, select “Next”

4- When you get to the Playstation Network login screen, select the “New to Playstation Network? Create an Account” one. Select “Sign Up Now”.

Okay, this is the important part. In the “Country or Region” square, select [size=150]CHINA[/size].

As you see, everything is in Chinese now. You’re going to leave everything as you see in the next images.

Select the last button which i guess it means next.

5- In the first one, put 4885.
In the second one, put the first.
And in the third, put anything. It should be like the image.

Select next.

6- This screen is an important one.
We need to put a email and a password, but, if we put a false email, we cant confirm the account. So, we gonna use a “15 minute email”.

7- Right in the PC, go to

The part we of the page is the square that says “Check Any Inbox”.
In the “Check Any Inbox” put a random one. Personally I selected ps4tsal02. (Ps4 tutorial section AlexxLopaztico02)

Okay, we’re going to need the pc later. Go back to the PS4.

8- Back to the ps4, we put the email we “created” in the first square. (Mine is, for example)
In the second one, put a password. It gotta be with a capital letter, and 4 numbers. Minimum 8 characters.
And in the third one we repeat the password. It gotta be like this:

Next, hit next.

9- Put a random ID in the first one.
In the second one a random name.
And in the third a random lastname
Gotta be like this, hit next.

10- Go and hit next
11- Go and hit next
12-Go and hit next

13- After that, you gonna get this weird screen. Hit the right button.

14- Kay, almost finish. Go to the mailinator page and reload your inbox. The email Sony just send gotta be there. Open it. Click the blue button, it will open another page.
Now that the page was opened, we finished in PC. Back to PS4.

15- You gotta be in a page with a mail image. Select the right button, and it will get you to another screen with another email that has a check. Cross to go next.

16- Now you are in a facebook page, select the left button which i guess it means skip.

17- Now you are in a PS+ page. Everything is in English, thanks god. Hit next.

18- Hit Skip.


20- Hit OK.

21- Now, you are in a home screen. Go to “Settings”, it is left the power option.

22- Navigate between the options and select the Application Saved Data Management

23- Select “Saved Data in Online Storage”

24- You’re going to be in this screen. Select the first option.

25- Congrats! Now you’re plus. Press the PS Button to go to the main screen, and log out of the user and select yours.

Now, even if you aren’t plus in your main account, you can play online.
Its all folks! 😀

Source: (Big thanks to AlexxLopaztico02)

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