PS4 might get its own “Game Genie” savedata editor soon, but there’s a catch

News spread recently about an upcoming “savedata editor” for the PS4. The product (Cyber SaveData PS4), announced for release next month by a Japanese console modding company, claims users will be able to edit their PS4 save games from their computer, then copy it back to their PS4.

Editing savegames is as old as gaming: people use it to reach 100% completion, get more gold, unlock secret levels, and more. In the old PSP days, savegames were used by hackers (including myself) to activate usermode exploits on the console. This was fairly easy to do in days where the save data was either not encrypted, or, like was the case on the PSP, encrypted with a common key.

But savedata modification has become complex with time. In particular, on modern consoles, save game data is encrypted specifically for each user. In other words, you cannot (in theory) share your savegames with Friends, and you cannot modify or alter your save data  in any way.

What this upcoming release implies is that the people behind Cyber SaveData have found a way to decrypt and reencrypt PS4 Savegames.

Cyber SaveData for PS4 will cost 7800 yen in Japan, or approximately $70. There’s a discount for a “3 licenses” at 14,800 Yen ($130). That’s a lot of money just to be able to cheat in games. Of course, that’s until savegame data proves to be a valid entry point for usermode exploits, at which point everyone will probably rush to get their hands on a license of the product.



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