Team FreeK teases Vita Game dumper (Full Video)

An unknown group named Team FreeK teased a game decryption tool for the Playstation Vita. The tool is nicknamed Vitamin, and allegedly allows the hacking group to dump decrypted versions of PS Vita official games.

The Video shows a system dumping video game Geometry Wars, on a retail PS Vita running HENkaku. The video does not show the game running after the decryption process though.

Vitamin: is this real?

Under other circumstances, I would use a huge dose of skepticism on such a video announce. After all, this could be a semi-elaborate prank involving a simple homebrew that just spits out text on the PS Vita screen.

However, the dumping process shown on the video, and in particular the name of the dumping application, matches what I have been shown by a group of hackers recently.

It is extremely unclear here if Team FreeK are the people behind the homebrew, or if the tool got leaked to some people who are just trying to get some quick fame. In the past, other hackers have used various names to release new tools, such as Dark Alex in the PSP days when he created the M33 Custom Firmware, pretending to be a collective of Russian hackers.

We have confirmation from Team FreeK this will work on us HENkaku 3.61+ tool 


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