Vita-idu, convert your Vita to Demo mode (adds new cool options)

Developer Xyz, who apparently hasn’t received the memo that “Team molecule is on a break”, released vita-idu yesterday. The tool lets you convert your PS Vita from “Retail” mode to “Demo” mode. The Demo mode gives you access to additional utilities such as the package installer, or the possibility to easily swap the X and O buttons.

What is Vita-idu?

Vita-idu is an app for your HENkaku-enabled PS Vita (currently requires PS Vita firmware 3.60) that lets you enable the Demo mode. The Demo mode of the PS vita gives you access to more options, in particular the package installer. The Package Installer can be used to install DRM Free official Vita apps (such as DRM free Demos, or apps like Netflix, etc…)

The vita Demo mode also lets you swap X/O (although other HENkaku apps exist for that now), and will also not complain about a firmware upgrade when used with the Content Manager Assistant.

From Xyz:

the  app allows you to convert retail Vita to DEMO MODE and DEMO MODE to retail. It should be functionally equivalent to the “CEX to IDU Utility” game cart, except that it only works when you have HENkaku activated, of course.

Vita-idu: Handle with care!

Several people are reporting that the Demo mode of the PS Vita automatically updates on boots, so handle carefully, and make sure your wifi is turned off whenever you reboot the PS Vita in Demo mode.

Some people have reported semi-bricks with this tool, although other trusted sources have confirmed this works as expected and lets you switch between Demo and Retail mode easily. (R + L + Up + Start)

Hackinformer are reporting that the IDU mode works fine on PS TV as well.

Download Vita-idu

You can download Vita-idu from the developer’s github here.

Source: xyz on github and Wololo

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