Warez group releases first decrypted PS4 game

Warez group E-Peen claim to have released the first fully decrypted PS4 game, FIFA 14.

We are now testing this on us PS4 3.55 Jailbreak and new PS4 4.0 Beta Jailbreak (coming out soon)

Nevertheless, some users have been able to confirm this looks legit. User Haryoke confirmed the eboot.bin file (the game’s main binary) appears to be decrypted.


The full release NFO uses pretty explicit language so I’ll refrain from posting it here. E-Peen are mentioning that they work with people who do not leak their secrets, and that the PS4 scene is alive:

oh , btw this is the worlds first fully decrypted ps4 game.
All selfs and sprx files were kindly given to us by leprechaun’s.
Ps4 scene is alive and well 😉 secrets were meant to be kept 🙂

Stay tuned!

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