Flash Light App for the PSVita released by Arkanite

It’s happened to almost every smart device user…. Sometimes, you simply need to use your phone/game console as a torch to see in the dark. Thanks to developer ‘Arkanite’, who’s brought us the PSP homebrew browser and some other things, you can now use your Vita as a flashlight easily.


What’s the Flash Light app?

As the name suggests, it’s an app that allows you to use your PSVita as a flashlight. The PSVita doesn’t have flash with the camera so obviously you’ll be using the screen. Thanks to the OLED PSVita’s (1k/Phat) screen, you can get some bright light out of it with this app.

This app displays a white screen with brightness maxed out. Your PSVita’s screen won’t dim and the device won’t go into stand-by mode when you’re in this homebrew. To exit, you just need to press the PS button like most other homebrew. A small flaw I found is that you have to reset the brightness yourself after closing the app since it doesn’t return by itself. This application is there to make life easier since it’s much quicker than other methods to use your Vita as a flashlight.

How do I get it?

To install it, you need to do the following:

  1. Download the VPK from the link below. It’s an unsafe VPK so get it from a trusted source or compile it yourself
  2. Copy it to your Vita via FTP/USB
  3. Install via VitaShell
  4. Profit!

Have fun being a little lazy thanks to this little tweak 🙂 If you have any issues, report them to Arkanite on GitHub. Unsafe permissions are needed due to the fact that this homebrew changes system parameters such as the brightness level.


Download link + source code: https://github.com/ArkSource/flashlight/releases/tag/v1.0

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