HENkaku updated: adds Dynarec support + Suprise

Hacker yifanlu just mentioned on twitter that HENkaku has been updated. The update adds Dynarec support and “something nice for those looking under the hood”, to celebrate a milestone for the hack: More than 30000 installs (that’s now 3 times more in 5 days than Rejuvenate in its entire lifespan).

What’s Dynarec?

Dynamic Recompilation is basically a feature of the operating system that lets a program recompile some code at runtime. Long story short, it’s extremely useful for emulators and the like, because those need to do cross-platform code conversion on the fly. Having native support for such a feature basically means improved speed for emulators. Emulators will not get this for free though, the developers of emulators on the vita will need to implement Dynarec in their code. Yifanlu provided some pointers on how this is achieved, so we should expect some nice emulator updates in the days or weeks to come.

What’s the surprise?

It’s too early to tell, until people start looking at the new HENkaku payload and see what’s changed. Maybe Team molecule will tell us eventually, or maybe someone will figure it out soon. In the meantime, people are speculating and asking for random things, ranging from the possibility to overclock the system, to full fledged kernel access. Let’s wait and see here. Given the rate at which news have been pouring since the HENkaku release last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody has figured it out by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.

How do I get the HENkaku update?


The easiest way to get the update is basically to reinstall HENkaku. This is simply done by powering off your PS Vita completely (press the power button for a few seconds until you get the option to opwer off), then either use the “install” option from molecularShell or point your Vita browser again to henkaku.xyz, and hit the Install button.

If you’ve never installed HENkaku before, the process is the same. All you need is a PS Vita running firmware 3.60. Load the PS vita’s browser, go to the official site, and press “install”.

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