MicroSD adapter for your Vita 3G Available

The MicroSD adapter is a thing that the Vita community has wanted for quite a while. While the adapter isn’t exactly what we expected, it’s still a great add-on to Vita 3G owners and now, you have another chance to get one!

What’s the MicroSD adapter for the Vita 3G?

This is an adapter that you fit into the miniPCIe port on your PSVita instead of the modem card. It’s a pretty easy process to do (about as hard as replacing the battery of the Vita) and once you slot in a MicroSD card and the adapter in your Vita, you can simply forget about it! Thanks to HENkaku Ensō (boot-time HENkaku/taiHEN), you’ll be able to use the adapter at boot-up!

Obviously, this adapter requires a PSVita 3G (1100 series models/ Fat 3G models) and won’t work with Wi-Fi only Fat models nor will it work with Vita Slim models (there are no 3G Vita slims) and the PSTV (you can use USB pendrives/hard drives with that). If you really want to use it on a WiFi Fat PSVita, you can replace the motherboard but in my books, it’s not really worth it.

How do I get it?

When the article about this adapter was written, the adapters were all sold out due to only 100 being available! Yifan Lu has decided to increase the initial run to 500 units from 100 units so now, there are 400 units that are waiting to be bought. As of right now, roughly about 100 units are sold so quite a few are left so make sure you get one as they won’t last forever (about 100 were sold in 17 hours since the Reddit accouncement so yeah..).


If you have a Vita Fat WiFi only or Vita Slim, you can only hope for a MicroSD adapter in the memory card slot that RichDevX might someday release (but don’t get your hopes up too high as there are various diffuculties with getting to work).


IndieGoGo page from where you can you back Yifan and get an adapter: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ps-vita-3g-to-microsd-card-adapter#/

Warning: There’s a risk of getting a board that doesn’t work! This is stated explicitly in the IndieGoGo page but I think that emphasis should be done on it!

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