PS4 Firmware 4.73 released, blocks MTX Key, ban reports on shared piracy accounts, Us jailbreak works

The lifespan of the PS4 MTX Key modchip will only have been of a few weeks. The device, which was enabling game sharing with virtually infinite numbers of “friends”, has been confirmed by multiple sources to be patched with the latest PS4 firmware. PS4 Firmware 4.73 was released earlier today to block the MTX Key and all of its clones

As is often the case with such security updates, the official changelog from Sony does not explicitly mention what’s under the hood:

This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

This is not a big surprise (we had mentioned the many ways Sony could choose to block the MTX Key), and more pain could be on the way for the few people who had chosen to buy the piracy device: Some users on psxhax are reporting that their accounts used for gamesharing have been banned. In other words, it seems like staying on firmware 4.72 will only delay the inevitable.


PS4portal PS4 Jailbreak will still works on 4.73 and Sony cannot detect it, so you can still use PSN without banning


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